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Kidichi Kitchen Experience

This experience lasts about 6 hours. The full itinerary includes:

  • 9:00am pick-up from the meeting point (Serena Hotel in Stone Town)

  • Air Conditioned Shuttle bus transfer of about 30mins to Ngalawa fishing beach

  • At Ngalawa beach you will be involved in activities which include getting the ‘Catch of the day’ as the local fishermen bring in the sustainably caught fish and seafood

  • Air Conditioned Shuttle bus transfer to the Kidichi Kitchen which is located in the middle of our organic heritage spice, fruit and vegetable farm

  • Interactive walk through our organic farm, learning about local agriculture and nutritional and medicinal influence on the community while harvesting fresh ingredients for your cooking masterclass

  • Return to the Kidichi Kitchen where you will first be introduced to some traditional cooking utensils.

  • There will be a quick tea break to enjoy some delicious traditional Zanzibari snacks with some spice tea

  • You will then have an amazing Zanzibari cooking masterclass ancestral methods

  • You will then have a quick village tour before sitting down to the mouthwatering Swahili feast you have just prepared, together with a selection of freshly made exotic juices and mineral water.

  • Shuttle Bus transfer back to the meeting point (Serena Hotel in Stone Town)

This Experience Includes:

  • On the way to Ngalawa fishing beach you will be told about islander life and culture including the particular themes to be explored during the day

  • At Ngalawa fishing beach you will be immersed into local life and take part in a fishing auction to get some freshly caught seafood

  • At the farm you will get to harvest some exotic fruits and dig up some crops from the ground which will be used as ingredients for your cooking masterclass

  • You will also learn how the locals have used these crops for food, as medicine and an instrument for community development

  • During the masterclass you will use traditional cooking utensils and methods to make a delicious Zanzibari meal and a variety of exotic juices

  • You will receive expert instructions from our chefs

  • During the village tour you will get to learn about village life

  • During lunch you will get to savour the delicious meal you helped prepare which we are not afraid to say will be a meal you won’t forget!

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