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Our Origins

Global Encountours was founded in 2019 with our first encountour on the mesmerising island of Zanzibar. We partnered with indigenous people to create an encountour that celebrates key aspects of Zanzibari culture. However, our ambitions are global and our aim is to work with indigenous people around the world to create encountours that give them a chance to say and celebrate their own stories whilst sharing it with the rest of the world.

Our Ethos

We believe the true and authentic richness of a place lies in the indigenous people and their culture, and any visit to a place is incomplete if it does not include an insight into this. Giving people a chance to experience this not only gives them a better appreciation of other cultures and traditions, but creates a connectedness that makes them feel like members of a global village. Encountours are created to achieve this aim.

Keyboard and Mouse

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Our Farms

The kidichi kitchen is set in the middle of the spice heritage farms and gives the feeling of being at one with nature and surrounded by lush green vegetation. Our farms contain a myriad of exotic crops, fruits and spices which you will get to learn about, harvest and cook as part of the experience.

Ngalawa Beach

This beach is one of the main fishing beaches in Zanzibar and is always active with fishermen coming back to shore with a variety of seafood ready to be auctioned. Not only does fishing plays a very important role in the local community, but it is also a way of life that has been leveraged to bring the community together. This part of the experience shows you a dynamic that has influenced the local life for ages.

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