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  •   The guide picked us up and we drove to a place at the beach 11 km north from Stone town, where fishermen offer their fresh catches to a fish auction.... read more


      The Kidichi Kitchen Experience was an amazing experience led by a wonderful guide and team! They were knowledgeable, friendly and helpful in all aspects! We went to a local fish... read more


      My friends and I spent nearly a month traveling around Tanzania, both mainland and on Zanzibar. The Kidichi Kitchen Experience was by far one of the best things we did... read more

  •   An amazing Zanzibar adventure. The half day trip bought us from the fish market to farm where we gathers fresh ingredients to prep our meal.


      Everything was perfect, it s worth every penny! We can just recommend. From the food to the amazing people. 5 stars is not enough.


      In half a day, you can experience some of the key highlights of Zanzabari culture, life and cuisine with the Kidichi Kitchen Experience.
    A visit to the local fish market... read more

  •   You go to a local fishmarket to buy the seafood you want to cook, walk around the farm to see the ingredients growing and in the end you bring everything... read more


      This was an awesome tour that brought us to a traditional fish market, walked us through a spice farm, and then brought us back to a pavilion to cook what... read more


      It's a nice experience we get to know how Zanzibar people are living how they cook and everything.The trip started at Ngalawa where we bought fish for our cooking experience... read more


Global Encountours

At Global Encountours, we are inspired by the richness and diversity of indigenous cultures and traditions around the world, especially the people through which they persist. During our travels, it is through the opportunity to partake in indigenous cultures that we have known the authentic aliveness and richness of a place. This is why we created encountours which are unique indigenous encounters which will give you a deeper appreciation and some fun memories.

Why Choose Global Encountours?

Global Encountours is committed to providing quality experiences that encourage you to learn and have fun while immersing yourself in another culture. As a global company, we have team members around the world. You can expect a response to your message within 24 hours or less. 

What is an Encountour?

An encountour is a unique local experience that provides an interactive immersion into indigenous culture and tradition. An encountour (encounter + tour) goes beyond a tour and gives you an authentic experience of some of the hidden treasures of the cultural heritage that most people don’t get to see.

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